The Symms are 1000 unique, awe-inspiring creatures that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Created one by one by Harmeet Gabha and Alex Kess in Collab with AI.

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About the Symms

The Symms are mysterious, awe-inspiring creatures that live on the Etherium blockchain. Each unique; created by Harmeet Gabha and Alex Kess in Collaboration with AI.

The Symms is a different kind of PFP Project РSymmetrical Beings created in collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence  РThe Project celebrates the strange, weird and diverse.

Each Symm is entirely unique, created through text strings and then interpreted by AI. After this, the resulting images are symmetrically mirrored, aligned, and enhanced by hand.

The symmetry conjures imagery not too dissimilar to that of a Rorschach Inkblot Test, where the viewer’s interpretation is just as important as the artwork itself.

Symm Utility & Holder Benefits

We are building a community!

A great community of like-minded AI-Art Enthusiasts, Collectors and Artists that support, help and nurture each other.

Access to the Symmverse

As a Holder, you will get priority access to all future collections. Holders of 5 or more Symms will also get. a free airdrop of any of the future Symms Editions and Special Editions.


You will get access to our special Members-only section on Discord. Where we will discuss the latest AI Art Projects and Alpha, Take prompts for AI Art Generation and access special giveaways and collabs.

High-Res Files

We’ll make all of your Symms High Res Files available to you for Printing and display. We will also help you with getting the best results when getting your Symms printed.

AI-Art Workshops

As a holder, you will be able to join Founders Harmeet & Alex for AI-Art Workshops where you will learn to create your own Masterpieces.


Get special access to AI-Art Exhibitions to display your own Symms. We hope to exhibit these art pieces in virtual and physical exhibitions. 


We are planning our collection of awesome Symms Merchandise only available to Symm Holders.

Meet the Creative Team behind
The Symms

Alex Kess

Artist, Photographer and Video Producer from Sydney with over 20 years of experience in Content Creation. Discovered AI-Art in July 2021 and has become obsessed with creating awe-inspiring, fantastical creatures.

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Harmeet Gabha

Loves to travel, take photographs and learn new technologies. Discovered AI art through Alex and has been obsessed with it since them. This obsession led to the creation of my own style of The Symms

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